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Third-party verified overperformance compared to benchmarks

Finbou AG

We are a Swiss investment advisory specializing in news trading on the FX market. Since the strategy's launch in 2017, we have outperformed the S&P500 and the main macro fund benchmarks by a considerable margin, especially in risk-adjusted terms.

In 2021 we consolidated our strategy with our trusted partner Capriva to ensure the best trading conditions for investors.

To access the Capriva landing page, please confirm your professional or institutional investor status.

About us


We publish monthly fact sheets for the Thales strategy tracking performance net of fees. Investors can choose different risk setups for their investment that vary from 6.5% to 12% value at risk (VaR).  


Please confirm your professional or institutional investor status to download the latest fact sheets.

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Investor Letters

We also publish investor letters that outline how the Thales strategy works. The letters provide an overview of performance drivers for the periods in question. To receive them timely on the release date please sign up for the newsletter.

Investor letters


Gianluca Carolo

Investment Advisor & Founder

Gianluca is a certified investment advisor IAF enlisted in the RegFix register. He has worked for several years in IT with different banks and insurance companies. His interest in the forex market and algorithmic trading sparked in 2004. In September 2014, he founded Finbou AG (formerly Prediction GmbH) to build a stable trading infrastructure for news trading, accounting for all regulatory requirements. After a successful test phase, the first managed accounts were activated in January 2017. In 2021 all managed accounts were consolidated at Capriva to ensure the best possible trading environment for investors.

Antti Maimanen

Research Analyst

Antti majored in social and public policy and politics at the University of Jyväskylä, with minors in economics and English. He has developed an in-depth understanding of central bank decision making from his unique background, having been an avid follower of the forex market for several years. Antti provides Finbou AG with research on central banks and helps during trade execution. He is a fundamental aid in the decision-making process by detecting central bank language changes and assessing their potential market impact.


Aatu Kokkila


Aatu has been trading since 2012, running various strategies based on news events, price action, supply and demand analysis, and forex market fundamentals. From 2015 onwards, he began running the Thales strategy in its current format when he started focusing on events. The higher risk options of the strategy running with 9% value at risk (VaR) have outperformed the SP500 and the main macro fund benchmarks by a considerable margin, especially in risk-adjusted terms. Aatu is a graduate of the Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki.



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