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Prediction GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Prediction") is a Swiss financial intermediary (asset manager), licensed under the Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in the Financial Sector (Anti-Money Laundering Act - AMLA). This Act regulates the combating of money laundering as defined in Article 305bis of the Swiss Criminal Code (SCC), the combating of terrorist financing as defined in Article 260quinquies paragraph 1 SCC, and the due diligence required in financial transactions. 

Prediction’s duties as per AMLA  are the following (list is not complete):

1. Verification of the identity of the customer

When establishing a business relationship, Prediction must verify the identity of the customer on the basis of a document of evidentiary value. Where the customer is a legal entity, the financial intermediary must acknowledge the provisions regulating the power to bind the legal entity, and verify the identity of the persons who enter into the business relationship on behalf of the legal entity.


2. Establishing the identity of the beneficial owner

Prediction must obtain a written declaration from the customer indicating who the beneficial owner is.


3. Duty to clarify

Prediction must clarify the economic background and the purpose of a transaction or of a business relationship.

4. Duty to report

Prediction must report any violation and file a report with the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland as defined in Article 23 for any violation of the AMLA. 

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