Client Onboarding

Prediction GmbH/Finbou AG (hereinafter referred to as "Finbou") is under the obligation to verify the identity of all account holders and to document all beneficial owners of all invested funds. Corporate clients need to provide additional information of all individuals owning 25% or more shares of the company and of those who control the company. Non-operating companies have to disclose all beneficial owners of the company owning shares of the company. Under certain circumstances, Finbou will have to verify the validity of the provided data and perform reoccurring checks every 3, 5 or 10 years.

1. Verification of the identity

a) ID

A valid government-issued photo ID (passport, ID or driver's license) that it is not expired, the photo clearly displays the individual in question, the signature is readable, and the full name and birthdate are present. For corporate clients, this is required for each shareholder owning 25% or more shares of the company as well for all authorized signatories and directors. 

If a face to face meeting is not possible, please send a certified copy of the ID to our office. You can see an example of a certified copy of ID here: Certified ID - Example

b) Proof of residence (POR)

A document confirming the address of the individual(s) in question. This can be provided by either of the following documents issued within the past three months: utility bill (e.g. gas, electricity, internet bill), bank statement, etc. For corporate clients, this is required for each shareholder owning 25% or more shares of the company as well for all authorized signatories and directors. 

2. Evidence of beneficial ownership (form A)

A document confirming the beneficial ownership of funds of private clients and non-operating legal entities/partnerships and form A. Download form A here: Form A

3. Evidence of controlling person (form K)

A document confirming the controlling person(s) and the shareholder(s) owning 25% or more shares of operating legal entities/partnerships both not listed on the stock exchange and form K. Download form K here: Form K

4. Client investor profile (CIP)

Finbou must be satisfied on reasonable grounds that a client has sufficient experience in using financial services and investing in financial products. It is essential that the client(s) and Finbou have a common understanding of investment risk and the client's primary investment objectives for the account(s) managed by Finbou. Please download and fill in the CIP here: CIP

5. Corporate documents

a) Certificate of incorporation, or entry in the commercial register (certified for offshore corporations)

b) Articles and memorandum of association, or equivalent document (certified for offshore corporations)

c) Certificate of good standing/incumbency (certified for offshore corporations)

d) Evidence of appointment of current directors

e) Evidence of the company’s current address (POR)

6. General information on trading risks and data protection policy

Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments

Data Protection Policy for Clients

7. Account opening with a broker

The account opening processes with the broker(s) can be started in parallel to our onboarding.

8. Signing of contracts

Upon receipt of the countersigned agreements, the client's trading account(s) will be connected to our trading strategies.

Post certified copies to:

Prediction GmbH/Finbou AG

Freiestrasse 34

8800 Thalwil


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